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  • Editor: Ableton
  • Product: Live 10 Suite
  • Execution: 10.1.17

10.1.17 version instructions

New features and improvements

Interface improvements

  • Updated various information and translations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Control Areas

  • Added support for the Blackstar Live Logic Midi FootController
  • When Launchpad pro MK3 is in note mode and a Drum -Rack is present, it is clear that a pad is assigned to the pitch from the current clip. Pressing and leaving the Clear button will still delete the current clip.
  • In Launchpad Pro MK3 device mode, the last selected parameter bank of each device is now recalled when the device's refund is selected.


Interface improvements

  • Fixed a bug that prevented HIDPI support from working on Windows 10 (version 2004).
  • When life is set to Japanese, formatting of texts is done in the help book.
  • Previously, mouse clicks were unresponsive when opening a dialog while another application was in focus (macOS only).
  • Previously, newly produced clips sometimes did not inherit their secondary color.


The download and installation of Ableton Live Suite 10 are only available for download

  • In the wavetable device, the commands should be executed when the user changes the wave sheets Action Description.
  • Previously, under certain circumstances, the first repetitions of the audio signal in the echo and delay devices were rejected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused intermittent failures in the DS Kick device.
  • Running multiple instances of the DS HH device in a Drum Rack now works as expected.
  • The "Natural minor scale" preset in Aeolian mode now works as expected in the scale device.


  • Reduced GPU power consumption when Live is idle under Windows.
  • Under certain circumstances, a crash was encountered when loading live courses.
  • Under certain circumstances, an error occurred that resulted in unintended overlays.
  • Fixed display and processing of continuous parameters in VST3 plug-in devices. Where supported, VST3 plug-ins now use a linear key mode.
  • Live now displays content on remote Mac computers and macOS VMS without a monitor connected.
  • Previously, Live settings were reset under certain conditions after updating to a new version.
  • A bug in the implementation of Steinberg :: VST :: iattributelist :: getString.
  • It is no longer possible to change parameter values maximally live Device if the path with this device is frozen.

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