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CAREUYES Crack Automatically filters blue light so that the screen looks more comfortable for eye strain. In addition, various default settings are equipped to adjust the color temperature and brightness, such as normal, custom, playful, movie, night, edit and read and very easy to use.

CareUyes Torrent Is an eye care software with a blue light filter, a brightness adjustment, a pause reminder, the focus and much more. This software protects your eyes. It also helps them to detect enemies in the game easily and get the victory of the game. In addition, the color of the computer screen is very important for the game Player, But the computer screen also emits a lot of harmful blue light. So that Blue Light is harmful to the user and can cause digital visual fatigue such as dry eyes, tiredness, pain, etc. Cause.

Computer screen brightness is an important parameter that affects the gaming experience. A dim screen prevents you from seeing the game, while a screen that is too British. In addition, many computer monitors can not adjust the brightness or adjust the brightness easily. More free software visit from where you can get your desired software.

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It automatically filters blue light and controls brightness. In addition, you can also manually adjust the color temperature and brightness. So the computer screen is safe when you work. All in all, you can enable sunset features in options and set different color temperatures, S and screen brightness for day and night. All in all, it will automatically Switch Settings depend on sunrise and sunset time. This software is too much for your eyes. In addition, it helps you stay focused, increase concentration and easily read the text, charts and tables on your computer screen. In addition, it can adjust the height, color and transparency of the focus windows.

Main Features:

8 Predefined modes, choose your favorite one as you like, and you can also adjust the color temperature and brightness of the screen.

According to the 20-20-20 rules to prevent eye strain.

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With the "Focus" Function You can adjust the size and transparency of the reading area, which makes it easy to stay focused and improve reading productivity.

Every function has.

Always available:

The focus function can help you. It is a unique feature that it prevents it from interfering with other window content to keep it focused

System Requirements:

  • windows: (7/8/10/11) xp/vista {64-32bit}
  • Processor: 2GHz
  • R.A.M: 2GB
  • Hard disk: 20mb

How to crack?

  • Download CareEeuyes Crack from the links provided.
  • Also run the setup in your system.
  • Do all the processes one by one.
  • Copy the required data and add it as needed.
  • Continue clicking the Finish button.

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