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Ready to enhance any selection you make in your mixes and masters? With the powerful Dearvr Monitor plugin from Love Reality, you can listen to your music in an ideal listening room of reference quality with your own favorite headphones.
A new feature in Love reality Dearvr Monitor Crack The additional key factor for the high reliability level is the spatial compensation of the headphones. Dear Reality's unique technology provides optimized mix -room virtualization while taking into account the individual sound characteristics of different headphone models.

For spatial headphone compensation, Dear Reality Dearvr Monitor License C Key Hand violated 44 known studio headphone models and created individual profiles that match the frequency response of the headphones with the spatial rendering used. Binaural 3D -ADAUIO -distance is based on specific filters, which leads to the situation where the frequent frequency responses for headphones in a way to counteract. With spatial headphone compensation, you get perfect localization and cup change outside the head with accurate frequency response, deep perception and localization for your selected headphone model. Dear Reality will continuously add support for more Studio headphone models in the future.

Love Reality – Dearvr Monitor – Koen Holden's Demo | Plugin Alliance

Any headphone profile in Dear Reality Dearvr Monitor series key Comes with two sets of filters, one with a linear phase (FIR) and one with minimum latency (IIR). It is known. On the other hand IIR -filters have little latency, but increase the phase shift around the middle frequency. Two shelf filters are also added for additional customization of each headphone model profile. With all these features, there's nothing stopping you from using your studio headphones as your own perfect, custom mix room!

Dearvr Monitor works with a pair of headphones. Even if you don't use a specific spatial headphone compensation profile, the plugin carefully provides the spatial acoustic response of a masterfully designed studio control section. Get a professional monitoring reference for your mixes to better translate to speakers. However, if you are not using spatial headphone compensation, you need to consider the individual frequency response of your headphones.


Love Reality Dearvr Monitor Download Provides a choice of five representative mixed environments with the ability to optimize acoustics by adjusting ambience ('how much reflection should the room be as alive') and focus ('immersion sound vs. localized sound source) based on the clarity delay algorithm Found In Sennheiser Ambeo.

The plug-in allows users to choose between 32 common speaker setups-pre-stereo-stereo-stereo.1.4 and 9.1.6 – and monitor them directly on headphones. Love Reality Dearvr Monitor Activation Key Not only provides the consistent monitoring environment required for professional mixes, but also allows users to check how their material sounds in typical listening environments. Love Reality has created 11 of these typical environments, for example club or living room, so users can be confident that their mix will have the same great impact no matter where listeners are enjoying the track.In the output panel, users can set gain and select your listening direction within the sound field by rotating the virtual head rotation button.


  • Listen to your mixes in the perfect studio environment in terms of
  • Use your headphones to monitor a variety of multi-channel environments and immersive audio formats from simple systems like 5.1, up to Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D formats
  • Verify your mixes in 11 different acoustic environments, including live venues, cars, clubs, movie theaters, and more
  • Dearvr Monitor offers 5 reference mix models
  • No expensive hardware required: DearVr Monitor works perfectly for normal headphones
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use GUI
  • More multi-channel formats and room types available than any other comparable plugin


What kind of software or hardware do I need to use DearVR Monitor???

You can use DearVR Monitor in most VST3/AAX/AAX DAWs without special hardware. Listen to multi-channel audio formats from 5.1 to 9.1.6, you only need a DAW that supports the same number of channels per track as the format you want to monitor.

I need special headphones to use DearVr Monitor?? Recommend headphones??

In general, DearVr Monitor works with any brand of headphones. However, open-back headphones and in-ears with flat frequency response work best.
Built spatial headphone compensation technology further improves reliability and spatial impression, and supports model-independent simulation of the exact listening environment. Here you can find a list of supported models.

What is the difference between Dearvr Pro and Dearvr Monitor?

DearVR Monitor is the perfect solution for monitoring multi-channel mixes like 5.1 or 9.1.6 on headphones.

Dearvr Pro acts as a counterpart to the DearVR monitor, allowing you to record an audio source into your favorite multi-channel audio formats.


Finally, Love reality Dearvr Monitor Crack is an impressive algorithm of 3D sound production that has been used for some time now. There is an occlusal controller that allows you to correct the sound of the element Clogs By another digital object based on the sight of this listener. All you have to do is drag the mouse around with the XYZ graphical pad to set the monitor anywhere in the 3D sound stage.

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