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Investigate network security

Proactive password checker helps network administrators verify the security of their networks by running a Check From accounts. By publishing insecure passwords, the proactive password tester shows how securely a network is being attacked.

Elcomsoft Co.Ltd security policy audit, check network security and recover account passwords of the account

Network Security Check

Proactive password auditor examines the security of your network by trying to penetrate the network. There are common attacks on the accounts to recover a password of a user account.

The proactive password checker allows password verification within a limited period of time. If proactive password testers can recover a password within a reasonable time, the entire network cannot be considered secure.

ElcomSoft -tools recover weak passwords quickly

Features and benefits

  • Compatible with Windows 7 (with 32-bit and 64-bit Versions)))
  • Run fast on Intel Core i7 processors
  • Used password cache
  • Supports indexed rainbow (Available at www.Freerainbowtable.com)

    Available at www.Freerainbowtable.com
  • Determine how secure your corporate network is
  • Test the strength of passwords that protect user accounts
  • Restore accounts
  • Enter brute force attacks, through the dictionary or with a mask from inside or outside your network
  • Recover up to 95% of passwords in just a few minutes from the inside with a rainbow attack
Elcomsoft Co.Ltd security policy check, check network security and account password recovery of account restore

How secure is your network?

A single weak password contains your entire network of an external threat. Password hacking is one of the most critical and exploited network security threats. Network users use short and simple passwords that are easy to remember, but also easy to break. They often use repeated characters, simple words and names to learn more easily. It uses computer-generated passwords consisting of random characters. For more information, see this topic in the available Elcomsoft White Paper Proactive is better than reactive: testing for password security – a key to securing a corporate network.

Network administrators are also part of the problem, as they may forget to clean end staff, change staff frequently, or lock users out according to a certain number of failed registration attempts.

Network Security Policies

Weak passwords are easy to break, while complex passwords are hard to remember. A detailed security policy is the only way to ensure the security of your network. Their policy requires password changes on a regular basis?? Make sure to check the network after any change is made. The proactive password auditor may take 30 days to break a password if you have done the last audit?? Then scan your network at least once a month to ensure ongoing security.

Restore accounts

Network administrators can also use a proactive password tester to recover Windows account passwords. Proactive password auditor analyzes users' word taps and recovers clear language with passwords, allowing access to your accounts, including EFS-delayed files and folders.

Types of attacks

Proactive password auditor uses several basic methods to test and recover glue, including brute force attack, masking attack, dictionary search and rainbow table attacks. The rainbow attack is especially effective as it uses prepared hash tables. Fortunately, the rainbow attack cannot be performed from outside your network! You need either administrative.

Compatibility with other Elcomsoft products

The proactive password checker supports offline running Active Directory.

The offline Recovery Speed can be greatly improved when using ElcomSoft distributed password recovery. Thanks to the GPU acceleration technology, which is appropriate by the patent available in the GPU technology available from Elcomsoft distributed password recovery

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