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Every desktop and every mobile forensic tool we do

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle Packs Top-of-the-Line editions Every forensic tool that we make in a single, deeply reduced kit. Extract data from mobile devices, unlock documents, decipher archives, break into encrypted containers, display and analyze evidence.

With the full suite of Elcomsoft tools for restoring passwords. Based on internal tests and on feedback from Elcomsoft Valuable Custicle, these tools for the restoration of the password are the easiest to use and most cost -effective.

Elcomsoft Co.Ltd. Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle Elcomsoft


  • A single purchase provides all Elcomsoft products in their respective top-of-the-line editions
  • Contains every tool you need to restore passwords, to decipher data, to extract and analyze mobile devices
  • The synchronized license time for all bundled products ensure a seam, simple update
  • Offers the forensic Elmsoft tools the deepest discount for Elcomsoft tools
  • “Everything” means “everything”. If we publish a new product during your license period, you will receive it without an additional fee
  • The widest compatibility: hundreds of formats and several cloud services support

Patented technologies

Elcomsoft has done many software innovations that made it easier to break a wide range of passwords. We were the first to refer the 56-bit encryption in Microsoft Office products,. We patented the GPU accelerated password recovery and revolutionized the speed of password recovery without needing expensive hardware. We were the first to extract the iOS backups from Apple ICloud, and the first to mix the AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for even faster attacks.

With Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle, customers, IT support of administrators, forensics and law enforcement officers can get access to various password-protected documents. The password recovery suite has. The Mobile phone, mobile phone Forensic tools contained in the pack. We continue to deliver state-of-the-art technologies for the restoration of password, mobile and cloud forensics.

The GPU acceleration is patented (u.S. Beat. NO. 7.787.629 and 7.929.707) and unique with Elcomsoft -Kinding recovery products, which means that the key figures can be restored up to 250 times faster than conventional methods that rely on the use of the main computer.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Tutorial – Setup & Usage

The fastest restoration of the password

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle is able to passwords for a wide range of business and office applications, text processors, spreadsheets, database management programs, office -suites, e -mail customers, instant -messenger etc. Restoring immediately. Over a hundred different file formats and types of password encryption methods can be restored immediately.

With our tools you can restore passwords in a variety of office covers, archives, encryption of file systems, Windows and e -mail accounts and remove many other types of password protection.

  • Break passwords on more than 500 data types

    Our tools for restoring password recovery support documents that have been created by most popular office suites from the oldest to the latest versions. We support all popular crypto containers, encrypted compressed archives, system disks and file system encryption and many other types of passwords. Our tools use every known susceptibility to unlock documents immediately or nearby, while intelligent attacks and high-end hardware accelerated techniques are used to quickly restore strong passwords.

  • Heterogeneous GPU acceleration with several different graphics cards per computer

    Today’s PC Motherboards support several graphics cards. Thanks to the proprietary heterogeneous computing from Elcomsoft, our tools support a mix of up to 32 graphics cards, even if they have different brands and models to enable even faster applications to restore password recovery for a modest increase in hardware costs. The tool enables mixing Nvidia and AMD boards of different generations in a single PC.

  • 20- to 250 times faster attacks with hardware acceleration

    Our tools use dedicated high -performance cores, which are unloaded in today’s graphics cards such as the parts of arithmetic calculations made by NVIDIA and AMD to the highly scalable graphics cards. With several hundred GPU cores, a single graphics card can provide the speed that the metrics of a high-end CPU far exceeds. Our thoroughly optimized algorithms enable the achievement of recovery rates that are up to 250 times faster than just with CPU benchmarks.

  • Linear scalability to up to 10.000 computers

    Elcomsoft Password Recovery Tools have zero overhead. By doubling the number of PCs that work on a password. Our tools only transmit the minimum of information about the network, enable our tools to have a massive parallel operation and scale up to 10 linearly.000 workstations and cloud instances without a scalability -Ooverhead.

    Distributed attacks scale over the LAN, the Internet or both. The minimal bandwidth requirements ensure that no scalability effort even for the slowest connections.

  • Cloud computing

    Add the computing power for needs quickly by using the GPU accelerated EC2 computing units from Amazon or Microsoft Azure instances. Depending on performance requirements and budget restrictions, cloud instances can quickly scale to accelerate the order and can be scaled again if not used. The password recovery carried out in an Amazon cloud is a perfect solution if additional computing power is required without investing Building Permanent infrastructure in your own house.

    Get as much speed as you need as soon as you need it!

  • Remote provision and console management

    The practical administrative console enables the control of Elcomsoft Distributed Password -recovery from every networked PC.

Comprehensive mobile forensic solution

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle contains the most important tools for acquiring and analyzing knowledge from a variety of mobile platforms.

  • Physical and logical acquisition of iOS devices

    Extract evidence from Apple iOS devices with or without jailbreak. Low-level extraction and key bunder acquisition on jailbreak devices that is logically logical for devices without jailbreak. The use of lock -down data records extracts evidence from blocked iOS devices without a pass code.

  • Still passwords for iOS system security

    Brute-Force passwords for protection encrypted iOS backups with a high-end tool. The GPU acceleration helps to achieve unprecedented performance, while accessing stored passwords of the user enables targeted attacks with custom dictionaries.

  • Receive iCloud protection, download photos and synchronized data, access iCloud passwords

    Elcomsoft offers the most comprehensive iCloud acquisition solution on the market and enables forensic access to evidence stored in the cloud with and without Apple ID password. Use cloud backups, call protocols, messages, passwords, contacts, iCloud photo library, iCloud files and much more about.

  • Google forensics

    Extract and analyze the detailed course of the user, search queries, chrome passwords and browser history, Google mail messages, contacts, photos and much more.

  • Windows and Mac editions

    Most tools from which the bundle is made of.

  • Show and analyze evidence

    Use the light tool to search, search and analyze evidence. Discover deleted messages (including deleted SMS and iMessages in iOS backups), passwords that are stored in the Google account of the user, and iOS -Keychain.

  • Access to WhatsApp talks

    Extracting, decrypting and displaying WhatsApp communication stories from a variety of devices and cloud services.

Value prices for premium products

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle costs competitive compared to the separate ordering of Elcomsoft products. Volume discounts are available. The competitive upgrade guideline enables Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle to get as an upgrade of a competition

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