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GPU CAPS Viewer Portable File Download Crack works

GPU Caps Viewer Crack Finally, you can submit your information to the Geeks3D servers to compare it with others or view it later. Moreover, all data can be exported to a TXT or XML file, which is convenient for testing and comparison purposes. Most modern video games offer amazing graphics that use a large part of your graphics card's resources. This applies not only to games, but also to special applications, the GPU.

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GPU Caps Viewer Crack Code Plus File 2021 Download Caps

With tools like Z GPU Caps Viewer Code You can even subject it to various tests. is part of this download Collections: Graphics Card Manager.GPU Caps Viewer  II provides an intuitive user interface for accessing important functions, all right at your fingertips. Your installed graphics card is automatically detected as soon as the application is launched. You can analyze the GPU, OpenGL, CUDA, and OpenCL information respectively in dedicated tabs.

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GPU Caps Viewer Crack Display OpenGL extensions supported by your graphics card or display all existing OpenGL extensions, regardless of which graphics card you have. For each extension, you can open the descriptions available on the OpenGL extension registration website or the NVIDIA OpenGL extension specification website. Very handy for graphics developers . You can save all reports in TXT or XML format for later review and comparison.You can access the details about the graphics card installed on your computer through tools integrated with your operating system.

Main Features

  • Quick view of graphics configuration (graphics card/GPU type, video memory size, driver version)
  • Display of the most important OpenGL capabilities (OpenGL version, texture size, number of texture units, etc).))).)))
  • Display system configuration CPU type and speed, system memory size, operating system

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Change protocol for GPU Caps preview

  • Abnormal behavior of static fan control
  • Center
  • With certain driver versions, the fan does not follow the fan curves in the user definition window:
  • Fan naming of the TUF RTX 3060 series
  • Graphics card
  • Z now supports ROG
  • Strix
  • LC
  • Rx6900xt

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