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The next generation of Recordbox Premium is here, ver 5.8.5 with a new Koretech engine for stable, responsive performance, as well as evolved library management and USB/SD export

We release a new version of Recordbox Premium and mark the beginning of a new era for music management users Software With the introduction of our next generation Koretech engine. Koretech's re-examined audio, graphics and video signal processing engine allows you to intuitively run.

Recordbox is a global database solution for managing playlists and music that can be used with any of our products, regardless of. And now with Record Box Ver 5.8.5, You can use your entire music library to export, connect and run a USB or SD device.

In the development of Recordbox Premium ver 5.8.5, we have re-examined the audio, graphics and video signal processing program to create the next -generation engine. This makes the record box a lightweight and more stable application that offers powerful features and performance. In addition, the developed USB/SD export function makes music library management even more convenient than before. Recordbox Premium ver 5.8.5 also has a fresh GUI with a logical layout that lets you manage your music easily Collection And instinctively perform the DJ, DVS and video -Plus -packs -recordbox.

Key features of the Ver 5 record field.8.5

Powered by the next generation of the next generation with new features and the significant improvement in performance over Ver 4 greatly improved.0

  • Improved core for light and stable performance

Perform intuitively thanks to a faster loading and scrolling speed while browsing and the high DJ performance features. The new optimized program brings improved stability with the same outstanding audio quality.

  • Advanced and accurate track analysis

Track analysis is even more powerful than before thanks to the improved algorithm that analyzes the properties of tracks.

  • Improved USB/SD export functions

You can not only play tracks on multi-players, but also connect your USB device or SD card to a friend's computer and use your own Recordbox library thanks to the advanced export feature. If you lose or corrupt your computer, you can restore your library at a later time with your USB device or SD card with your exported data.

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  • New GUI for easy use

Instantly record various elements of track information, including playing status, thanks to the simplified GUI. Key information is grouped together for clear visibility and easier visual navigation.

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