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023 Create eye-catching papers, calculations and presentations. Let your documents do the talking: with Softmaker Office Professional 2023 free download, Get top-notch results quickly due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set and exceptional speed. Do not import and export: The default file types for Softmaker Office 2021 are DOCX, XLSX and PPTX from Microsoft. This way you can edit your documents directly in Microsoft Office without having to convert them.

You benefit from using Softmaker Office free download Because of its excellent performance, extensive feature set, and simple user interface. If you use your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to create world-class documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Don't bother with importing and exporting. The default file types for Softmaker Office are 2023 Are Docx, XLSX and PPTX from Microsoft. This way you can modify your documents directly in Microsoft Office without any transformations. Download Officesuite Premium Crack Activation Code

Softmaker Office Professional features free download:

Main Qualities:

Team member: Any user at home, in the classroom or in business can quickly create documents that look professional. Create eye-catching flyers, invitation cards and posters quickly and easily. Use advanced desktop publishing features such as unique object mode, smart object guide, object frame, and master pages. Add bibliographies, cross-references, capacities, footnotes, endnotes, indexes, content tables, and figure contexts as soon as possible.

Softmaker Office Professional 2023 free download -office

Many alternatives for designs: Become more resourceful! With the special object mode you can create images, drawings, text frames, etc. use. Insertion. On the page. Images can now be constrained and a variety of effects, including soft shadows, mirror effects, 3D -rotations and appealing picture frames.

Spell checker and a dictionary: Spelling errors are recorded by the built magic Checker In more than 75 different languages. Automated binding consistently divides words into 35 languages, and the ten -span thesaurus helps with word selection. Powerful new research online functionality, Zotero integration and excellent e-book production in EPUB format are new additions to Softmaker Office Professional 2023.

Collaboration with Textemacher 2023: Work with other people on documents?? Text broker 2021 follows every change you make in a document. Whether you use text maker or word, you can accept or reject these changes later and add your comments. You can also specify comments that appear as balloons in the right margin as in the word.

Able to work with PowerPoint. NO. Concessions

This is the appearance of smooth document exchange.: The default file format of Presentations 2022 is pPTX. You can eliminate the hassle of importing and exporting. Microsoft PowerPoint and presentations created files can be opened directly without conversion.

In addition, PPT files can be processed in the presentations in 2023 and movie presentations can be exported as high-quality HTML and PDF files. To preserve your presentations over time, you can also create archive PDFs in PDF/A format. In addition, you can produce excellent quality video files from your presentations with Presentations for Windows and Mac.

Create visually appealing slide displays and more: The new master -page idea makes it easier to build thorough presentations. Now you can create as many master page layouts as you want with just a few clicks. Use OpenGL graphics acceleration to create eye-catching animations and movie transitions, add music, videos or spoken commentary, and use visuals, tables and charts to further explain your points. You can make catchy slogans with text launches and autoshapes visually emphasize key issues.

Softmaker Office Professional 2023 free download -office

Local PDF export: Create an Adobe PDF. You can choose how many slides should be per page in color or grayscale and more with native PDF -export tool. Control PDF layout, permissions, and encryption without hassle.

AIDS with two screen: The presenter can lead the presentation on two monitors simultaneously. The audience can't see what's going on in the main display because there are two displays: one for the speaker and the other for the crowd. There is also support for a virtual pen and highlighter, as well as looping presentation in kiosks.

Create a portable slideshow from your presentation.

Even without presentation graphics software, you can now create portable movie presentations that can be played on any Windows computer with full effects, animations and transitions. You can also export your presentation as a movie (in the video formats.Avi or.WMV) or HTML.

Able to work with Excel. NO. Concessions: This is the appearance of smooth document exchange. PlanMaker 2023's default file format is XLSX. You can eliminate the hassle of importing and exporting. Workbooks in PlanMaker can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel without conversion and vice versa.

Softmaker Office – alternative to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

In addition, you can edit XLS files and generate excellent PDF files from your spreadsheets with Planmaker 2023. As a new option, you can now create archive PDFs in PDF/A format for long-term document preservation.

Make attractive worksheets, among other things: If you have already used Microsoft Excel, Planmaker 2023 will be delivered for you naturally. No need to get used to new formulas or calculation routines as everything is compatible. As well as templates in.XLT, XLTX and.XLTM file extensions can be easily read, viewed, modified and saved.Xls,.Xlsx and.XLSM -formats.

Planmaker supports up to one million rows of worksheet 2023. They use pivot tables, data consolidation, scenarios, data grouping, autofilters, and certain filters to process these enormous data sets. The new worksheet panels enable Lightning-Past formatting, dynamic data addition, easy filtering and data analysis.

Creation of attractive worksheets: Instantly give your worksheets an attractive appearance: by pressing a key, the catalog in cell style performs this action. Planmaker automatically identifies the highest or lowest values of a data collection and displays them in color or with symbols using conditional formatting found in Excel. In addition, databases can be used to illustrate the sizes and each value in a range a different color as a gradient. Ensure that each component of your charts is customized. Create budgets, invoices, receipts, and expense reports, then export them to PDF.

Convert simple numbers into insightful charts: Use any of the 80 different 3D and 2D charts to quickly present your data. Use shadows, light effects or transparency to customize to your liking. Date and time calculations, mathematical, statistical, technical and financial calculations, as well as data analysis and logic are possible with 380's built-in functions+.

Requirements for the Softmaker Office Professional 2023 system

Windows versions include Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Mac OS versions include macOS 10.12 and later MacOS 11 Bigsur and MacOS 12 Monterey.

The download and installation procedure for Softmaker Office Professional 2023 free download

  1. Download the necessary files by clicking on the appropriate download button below. Depending on your download speed, this can take from a few minutes to many hours.
  2. Extract the files you have downloaded. If you can not remove it. will always be

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