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STL Tonality is a full-board guitar plug-in suite that has grown only from Andy James'signature guitar sounds.

With the most advanced calculations, customers can encounter the current recovery of Andy James right -wing amplification. Our product uses the inner circuitry from the schematic of the particular amp Andy uses every day.

The Andy James plug-in suite planned by STL tones. The module suite takes your instant information guitar signal straight to a fully mixed guitar tone with their unique plan on the board.

Experience an all-GENT to go to Andy James'mixes prepared guitar tones.

Andy James, one of the most accomplished metal guitarists in the world, has united with STL tones to make his own signature guitar plug-in suite.

STL Tonality Andy James Amp Shows Features

STL Tonality is a full-board guitar plug-in suite that is grown exclusively from none other than Andy James'Signature guitar sounds. Andy has handpicked his three most popular speakers, which deals with his fantasy arrangement, our group at this time, with the creation of programming forms of these amplifications and the most advanced innovations and frameworks for not different studies of physical schemes used the intense physical schemes close.

Tonality – Andy James "unleashed" Play through

Stl Tonality Andy James Amp 1

One of the main amplifiers Andy uses in his daily rigs.

Stl Tonality Andy James Amp 2

Modeled from well known as one of the best known reinforcers in the metal industry. This single level of amplifier in the circuit is based on the characteristics of the lead channel. 

Stl Tonality Andy James Amp 3

A legendary British amp from the 1960s that covers many styles, from crystal clean to amazing mid-gain crunch tones. We have also added tremelo functionality to this model.

The Revenant

Included in the Andy James – Tonality Suite Is virtual. Click the button below to learn more about how to get your hands on the Revenant. 

Focused overdrive section

Users have access to 2 of Andy James'arlaufstelle Overdrive Pedals, including a digital restoration of its characteristic Preast pedal The Revenant. 


A virtual model of a very well known overdrive pedal. 

AJ Revenant Preamp Pedal

Introducing the first STL tones hardware release. We will bring you the signature Andy James – Revenant Praft pedal in collaboration with Ignite. 

Preamp -Routing -Switch

Expansive routing capabilities to allow the Revenant pedal to be used in front of your amp or in the section to the power amp and traditionally used.

Effect module

Andy worked closely with the STL Tones team to incorporate a combination of his favorite delay in his hall and lo-fi effects to give the user everything they need-Access passed to its essential effects units. 

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