US Justice Department seeks antitrust break-up of Google

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Brewed after years, the United States Department from justice has teamed up with eight countries to start a cartel lawsuit against Google. In the lawsuit, it is claimed that Google was involved in monopolistic practices for years, which not only suppressed the competition, but also manipulated their tender procedure in order to increase the amount paid by advertisers. If the suit is successful, this can lead to it.

This is not the first time that Google is targeted in this way, since the United States sued in 2020 for monopolistic search practices, and several American states sue in the same year as Google manages the advertising prices. The European Commission also examines Google’s advertising systems.

As the latest complaint, strongly claims:

The competition in the AD -Tech area is for reasons that were neither by chance nor inevitable. An industrial giant, Google, has damaged the legitimate competition in the advertising-tech industry by a systematic campaign in order to capture control over the broad part of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers and makers, To make digital advertising easier. Google has integrated into all aspects of the digital advertising market and has used competitive, exclusive and illegal agents to eliminate or significantly reduce any threat to its dominance towards digital advertising technologies.

Google, a single company with ubiquitous conflicts of interest, now controls: (1) The technology used by almost every large website publishing house to offer advertising space for sale; (2) The leading tools used by advertisers to buy this advertising area; and (3) the largest advertising exchange that publishers with advertisers meet every time the advertising room is sold. Google’s ubiquitous power compared to the entire advertising -tech network? The analogy would be if Goldman or Citibank would belong to the NYSE.”

Control of advertising is of crucial importance for Google’s business. While we look at things like Google search, Google Mail, YouTube, Android, meet, drive, cards and more than Google’s Products, Ultimately, they are just tools to get us to see Google’s true product: Advertising. In its core, Google is designed in such a way that you deliver your eyeballs. And that’s okay, most companies earn money on the Internet these days.

Google makes some very excellent tools, but what you sell.

All free Google tools that make you available to us. This does not mean that these are bad tools or that the sale of advertising against our page views is a bad thing. I have been a happy Mail user for almost two decades and spend too many hours to watch videos on YouTube with the Chrome browser. And the Google things that you have not yet made a complaint. Google makes some very excellent tools, but what you sell.

Basically, Google is in business to rent digital advertising boards throughout the Internet. Many of which they own themselves and attract their own characteristics. But by buying competitors and expressing those they could not buy, Google appeared in monopolistic waters. The alleged manipulations and strongly armed competitors have suppressed the competitors and emptied additional money from the cash registers of advertisers. To round off the whole thing, Google often uses its advertising platforms to advertise its own products in the search results for competing companies, and forces these companies to pay even more for this top result.

The breaking of Google from Google Advertising business would change both Google and the advertising market in a way that is difficult to predict. This would dramatically force a new configuration how Google works as a company. How this lawsuit will take place will take years -as a reference, the last large tech cartel lawsuit led to Microsoft’s grip over the browser selection of Windows selected dramatically and took the way to rise from Google Chrome, but it took more than Four years until progress through the dish of dishes before Microsoft finally settled.

I’m not a lawyer, so I will not try to disassemble the 153-page complaint of the Doj, but you are welcome to represent a blast:

Us Justice Department Seeks Antitrust Break-Up of Google Justice

Doj Sues Google to Break Up Ad Unit in Heated Antitrust Fight

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US Justice Department seeks antitrust break-up of Google
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