US Justice Department seeks antitrust break-up of Google

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Brewed after years, the United States Department from Justice Has teamed up with eight countries to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The lawsuit alleges that Google engaged in monopolistic practices for years that not only suppressed competition, but also manipulated their bidding process to increase the amounts paid by advertisers. If the lawsuit is successful, it could lead to.

This is not the first time Google has been targeted in this way, as the United States sued in 2020 over monopolistic search practices and several U.S. states filed suit in the same year because Google manages advertising rates. The European Commission is also investigating Google's advertising systems.

The recent complaint emphatically alleges:

The competition in the AD tech space has reasons that were neither accidental nor inevitable. One industry giant, Google, has harmed legitimate competition in the advertising technology industry through a systematic campaign to gain control of the broad set of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers, and manufacturers to make digital advertising easier to use. Google integrated into all aspects of the digital advertising marketplace and used competitive, exclusive, and illegal agents to eliminate or substantially reduce any threat to its dominance in digital advertising technologies.

Google, a single company with pervasive conflicts of interest, now controls: (1) The technology used by nearly every major website publisher to offer ad space for sale; (2) The leading tools advertisers use to buy that ad space; and (3) The largest ad exchange that publishers and advertisers meet every time they sell the ad space. Google's ubiquitous power vs. the entire advertising technology network? The analogy would be if Goldman or Citibank were part of the NYSE."

Advertising control is critical to Google's business. While we look at things like Google search and Gmail, Youtube, Android, Meet, Drive, Maps and more than Google Products, In the end, they are just tools to show us Google's true product: Advertising. At its core, Google is designed to get your attention. And that's okay, most businesses make money on the Internet these days.

Google makes some very excellent tools, but what you are selling.

All free Google tools that you provide to us. This does not mean that they are bad tools or that selling ads against our page views is a bad thing. I have been a happy mail user for almost two decades and spend too many hours watching videos on YouTube using the Chrome browser. And the Google things you haven't complained about yet. Google makes some very excellent tools, but what you are selling.

Basically, Google is about renting out digital billboards all over the Internet. Many of them own them and attract their own properties. But by buying competitors and printing out those they couldn't buy, Google appeared in monopolistic waters. The alleged manipulations and strong-armed competitors have suppressed competition and emptied additional money from advertisers' coffers. To top it off, Google often uses its advertising platforms to promote its own products in competing companies' search results, forcing those companies to pay even more for that top result.

Google's exit from the Google advertising business would change both Google and the advertising market in ways that are difficult to predict. This would force a dramatic reconfiguration of how Google works as a company. How this lawsuit will play out will take years – as a hint, the last major technology antitrust lawsuit resulted in Microsoft dramatically taking control of Windows' browser selection and led the way to the rise of Google Chrome, but it took more than four years to progress through the courts of law before Microsoft settled for good.

I'm not a lawyer, so I won't try to dissect the Doj's 153-page complaint, but feel free to make a splash:

U.S. Justice Department seeks antitrust crackdown on Google Justice

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