ZoomOSC v4.0.4 With Loader for Windows Latest Release

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Zoomosc Maximize your control over virtual meetings and events. It is an enhanced version of the Zoom client that integrates Zoom with third-party software and Hardware. It increases, automates and optimizes your virtual events.

How it works?

Zoomosc uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol to receive commands and control the Zoom client. Additional information is provided by the OSC output for the meeting status and participant Data, Gallery -order/position, chat -messages and more. You also want to be downloaded TeamViewer Pro15 Crack.

features work in the Pro version:

  • Multi-pin and multi-spot
  • Add and remove participants from multi-pin/spot groups to create super sources or manage your meeting.
  • Improved output for integrations
  • With new output commands, you can create smart Zoomosc integrations (names on keyboard keys, dynamic variables, user media server profiles, reactive lower thirds)
  • [Beta] Chat -Remote Control
  • Far from other Zoomosc Pro applications with a sophisticated backend.
  • and more..

Use a hardware controller with zoom

Zoomosc reveals Zoom -meeting features like pinning, spotlighting, video on/off, screen sharing and more through OSC messages. This way you can use OSC applications and hardware to create custom control areas for Zoom. Create your own or try some community integrations.

Zoomosc is for: Channel; Theater; Virtual events; Content producers; Interactive experiences; Integrators; Creative


Automation increases reliability and gives you confidence, shows complicated events,. Implement first.

OSC commands are intuitive to understand

The Zoomosc -api uses a clear format for ease of use. You don't need to be a programmer to send commands and create your own integrations!

Use multi-pin and multi-spot to create super sources

Create sequences of multipart pens and stains with the user group commands. Press a key to call up 3 participants, and press another to switch to 5 new participants. Everything built into the zoom.

OSC discussion feedback gives integrators reactive control

Zoomosc provides real-time OSC output for participant campaigns (ie. Stub, hand recording) and meeting status information. With this data, integrators can create functions with the user names of participants, gallery positions, active.

Zoomosc is delivered with the Virtual Event Community in hand

We are event producers and video cone guards like you. Zoomosc was created out of an immediate need for our own productions and has evolved into a powerful community that responds to feedback from workers.

OS Platform
  • Windows 7/8/10 x86/x64, macOS

Zoomosc With Loader for Windows Latest Release free download from the following link ..


ZOOMOSC v4.0.4 with Loader for Windows Latest Release Zoomosc

How to read Zoomosc 4 Documentation – Commands and Format

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